In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we have motor issues and are rescue towed to the boatworks on the gold coast. We had previously arranged for a haulout to re-antifoul Nandji and replace the cutlass bearing so had her hauled out as planned. The mechanic couldn't work on the motor until she was back in the water so we carried out the work as planned. We antifouled the yacht, re-fibreglassed sections and replaced the yachts cutlass bearing. Nandji was put back into the water where a mechanic was able to assess the motor. We find out the fate of the motor and weather we will be able to continue to sail or not...

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'How to not buy a yacht' is our story of how we ended up buying Nandji. With no sailing experience we purchased a yacht and moved our life onto the ocean. We take you through the process we followed of choosing a boat and finally making the purchase. Learn from our triumphs and our mistakes from our journey so far. I tell the stories of how we gained experience and take you along for the ride on our first sail, where of course things go wrong... Enjoy!

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In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we depart on our shakedown sail from Mooloolaba to the Goldcoast and take our patron winner along for the ride. We had starter motor issues before departing and were able to solve the problem and sail away. We sailed into the afternoon and as the winds were dropping out, decided to anchor for the night at Moreton Island. We rose early the next morning to continue on the journey only to realise that the starter engine issues had now become motor issues. We attempted to leave the island sailing but with light winds were unable to sail past the headland. We dropped our Patron Ben off on the island where he was able to catch a ferry back to the mainland. We spend several days stranded on the island with beautiful glassy days and no wind. When the wind becomes good, the current is against us, so we wait it out for the correct combination. We finally set sail again, making it out past the headland and down the coast to the Goldcoast. We arrange for Volunteer Marine Rescue to come out and tow us to the boatworks. 
​In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we tell the story of our friend Ginny. She is an amazing women with a great story of inspiration. Bonita spent a lot of time hanging and learning from her wisdom and Ginny is too kind to share her brains with us. 
We get a new headsail fitted from the legendary Ben from Quantum sails. Then it is time to get our lucky winning Patron to come on an adventure and come sailing with us! It was great to meet Ben and take him on our first sail with Nandji for months! It was exciting to load the boat up ready for adventure times again. Learn more about these in the next episode!
We use our muscles to save a few pennies and fill Nandji up to how we plan to sail overseas with her. Trying to match the weight in the way she will handle when we plan to make our first crossing! Nandji is looking good!
In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we are preparing our boat for off shore blue water cruising. We get a delivery of technology gadgets from Digital Yacht and we bring Nandji up to the 21st century. Installing a long range wifi antenna and router, a new wind sense on top of the mast and an AIS system. Bonita has been studying and completed the long distance marine radio certificate. After many comments on a previous video, I remove the cap shroud connectors and get new mast connectors fabricated and installed. 
After nearly ten long years with Grandpa, our car, we give him a clean and put him on the market. It is sad to say good bye to such a reliable old vessel but we do not need wheels where we are going!
In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we install our new Harken furler. To do this we had to spend some time on a marina. Assembling all the pieces on the deck and then hoisting them up with a little bit of help from Marleys friends. Yosh was pretty nervous about the length of the forestay being correct and Bonita was just generally nervous that Yosh wouldn't make any mistakes! Our old furler, we think was home made. It was a night mare to furl the sail and to attempt to sail with a reefed sail was impossible. Therefore we thought it to be a nessacity to replace the old girl. 
Slowly our beautiful Nandji is taking shape. She is nearly ready to set sail and we are growing with excitement and anticapation every day. We can not wait to get her moving again and start to enjoy what we have been preparing for. Adventures!! Yew!!

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we are preparing our yacht for blue water cruising. Nandjis rigging is old and rusty, we broke a shroud a few months ago sailing so for blue water cruising it needed replacing. We decide to do it ourselves to save coin and also learn more about our boat. We are extremely lucky to have Billy and Brittany as followers as they sent us over all the turnbuckles we need to do this job, making it an affordable job for us. Thanks guys! We take down a few wires at a time and take it to a rigger along with the turnbuckles. We measure and cut wire and he forges the ends on. It is daunting at times measuring the wire as a wrong measurement could be an expensive mistake. One by one, we replace the wires over 5 days! 
Nandji is looking a million dollars and its such a great feeling knowing our rigging is strong and Nandji is solid! Yeww! 
In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we are preparing our yacht for blue water cruising. We prepare the deck for a fresh coat of non-skid using KiwiGrip. Bonita sands the deck and then cleans it using water and then acetone. Yosh then re-seals the fittings with new silicone. We primer around the outside of the deck and get stuck into applying the kiwi grip. The product is a yoghurt like consistancy, we are a little nervous at first to use it but after a practice run on cardboard, soon find our rhythm. We roll out the KiwiGrip and wait 3 days for it to dry hard. We take off the dodger and Bonita sews on a new zip. Yosh completes the fibreglassing job on the aft, port side to strengthen our davits. We have a rainy few days which allows us to check for leaks. Yosh pulls up the staircase to inspect the bilge underneath. We get some new toys and give an update on our upcoming voyage. ​​
​In this episode of Sailing Nandji, Bonita gets sick of the ongoing boat work and decides she needs a little nature to help her relax. She takes a hike up the Glass House Mountains and watches a beautiful sunset. I return from working away and are greeted with the best gifts, chocolate cake and beer. What a woman! 
With no time to spare, it is heads down, bum up and into the boat work. It has felt like we have been living in a constant constuction site and it is a good feeling to think we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Bonita finishes some jobs at Kore sails, with the help from Pedr, we tackle tasks on the donk and continue with all those other little jobs in between.
In this episode, Bonita heads on over to Kore Sails with a box of solar panles and the bimini off of Nandji. With a little help from Aaron, she positions and sews our new panels in place. Returning to Nandji, we install the bimini and then I take you through the wiring and installation process, also giving some information about our new flexible solar panels
Another job complete and a step closer to having Nandji ready to cross oceans. Exciting times ahead!
In this episode of Sailing Nandji, our work on preparing Nandji for our big voyage is interupted by a little storm called Cyclone Debbie. Luckily we were 1500km South from where Debbie made landfall, but we still managed to get the aftermath of Debbies wrath. We had winds predicted of 40 knots and it peaked at 55 knots! We are very happy with our decision to head into the marina and lucky to get the last berth! With Nandji safe, we head over to Koresails to continue with our sail bag construction. We have a birds eye view of 
Nandji whilst she copes it sweet from Debbie. Hope you enjoy!

Music Credits - Jordan Merrick - Untitled #1, You Gotta Go
                         - Fugitive & the vagabond - Talkin' City Blues
In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we are busy little bees in getting Nandji ready for our first overseas crossing. Some people think this stuff just happens... Really it is alot of hardwork and dedication towards the goals we set, that really make this lifestyle possible. In this episode we get lots of little jobs done, sort the important paperwork for us to sail overseas, paint the cockpit of our vessel, check out the donk and then we are forced to prepare for extreme weather. Cyclone Debbie hit the North Queensland coast and we got the remnants of the storm. We put Nandji back together and prepare for what is to come.

Music Credits - Fugitive & the vagabond - Talkin' City Blues
In this episode of Sailing Nandji, We are preparing our sailboat for her first ocean crossing. With the list continually growing, Yosh is back from work and we get busy on crossing off items on the list! We send Bonita up the mast for the first time to measure for a new headsail. We follow on from our last episode as Yosh fibreglasses and paints over the huge hole in Nandji where rot had been cut out of the deck. We do not have a water maker on board, but with the heavy Queensland rains, Yosh gets inventive and fills our tanks the old fashioned way.The sun returns and we measure up for a new main sail bag as our old one is struggling to hold together. Also to make Nandji safer when we need to lash down the main. We then head to the local sailmaker in Mooloolaba, Kore Sails to begin making it. 
​In this episode of Sailing Nandji, We sail into Mooloolaba as Yosh has been offered a job working on a local boat. We show you around Mooloolaba and give a tour of the area. Yosh dosnt hear back from the job and decides to pull out the tools and start working on Nandji. We are preparing for our first overseas voyage and take part in an Offshore cruising course run by The Island Cruising Association. We sit down with John and Lynn from the ICA and they answer a few of our questions about offshore cruising. 

Music Credits - Stork
In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we pack up our lives and leave Brisbane. We say goodbye to river life and sail north up the coast to Mooloolaba. Chasing an opportunity for work, we head out in rough stormy weather and have a great sail north. Battling a gusty breeze because of the rain squalls, we rolled in the swell and sailed at max speed to our new home. Entering into the seaway in the dark, Nandji did her job well.
Music - Vancouver Sleep Clinic
              Juzzie Smith
In this episode of Sailing Nandji,  we adventure around the city of Brisbane on the free bikes. We meet with friends in the Brisbane river and plan our festive season adventure time. We sail around Moreton Bay together, secretly racing everywhere of course. We dive on the Tangalooma wrecks, check out Amity Point on North Stradbroke island and dive for some Razorfish. The best beer drinking food ever! I even let you in on Grandmas secret receipe to pickle Razorfish. Not quite grandmas receipe, but it does alright!
Mitch King - http://www.facebook.com/MitchKingmusic
                   - www.mitchkingmusic.com.au
Andrew Rothschild - http://aroths.com/
Old Man Friday - http://www.oldmanfridaymusic.com
                            - http://soundcloud.com/oldmanfridaymusic
In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we continue our 3 day and night sail from Bundaberg to Brisbane. We enter the Brisbane river and are hit by a server weather warning. We find shelter at an unused jetty and wait out the weather. Luckily it blows over quickly and we are able to continue sailing up the river to our new home at the pile-ons. Its a massive change for us moving to the city. We show you around and also put on our new anchor. ​
Music Artists: Nic Cassey:

                         Chocolate Strings 
In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we depart Bundaberg on a long 3 day/night sail South to Brisbane. We navigate the maze like Sandy Straits. This is a stretch of water between Fraser island and the mainland of Australia. The water is shallow and ridden with sandbars that are constantly shifting. Yosh managed to successfully do this at night! We rest up waiting for the tide to rise,  then cross the notorious Wide Bay Bar. This sand bar has caught many a boat out. We battle the strong currents and swell and successfully charge through the waves to the safety of the open ocean. With all the drama behind us, we settle in for an overnight sail to Brisbane. 

Music - Kooii - Http://www.facebook.com/kooiimusic
           - Simon Doe -  https://www.facebook.com/simondoemusic
In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we meet some fellow sailors that happen to have scuba tanks on board. They invite us to go diving with them. So we did what anyone would do, stay for another two days, hang out and go scuba diving! We then set sail south and hand steer 55nm to Bundaberg. Here we pick up some packages. A new head unit for our autopilot, so no more hand steering! We also collect our new Anchor from our friends at Manson. This beauty means no more sleepless nights! Yew!
We give you guys a big run down of what is happening in our crazy lives and tell you about our future goals!

Music - Clint Wilson - https://m.facebook.com/clintwilsonmusic/
           - Andrew Rothschild - ​http://aroths.com/
In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we enjoy life living in the coral cay that is Lady Musgrave Island. This place has been one of the favourite places we have visited along the coast and definitely the coolest island. We explore what Lady Musgrave island has to offer, walking around the beaches, frolicking in the forrest and swimming in the shallows. We then head outside of the lagoon and dive all around the outside of the reef. We were treated with a massive spectacle of marine cretures. From eels to octopus, sharks to Eagle Rays. The wild life was stunning. Of course we played with our new drone toy Darryl and took to the skies to get a birds eye view of this slice of heaven.

​Music Credits: Mitch King - www.mitchkingmusic.com.au 
                          Cesare - www.facebok.com/cesaremusic
In this episode of Sailing Nandji, We were faced with weeks of strong wind from the wrong direction. After spending some time in 1770, it was time to leave and head out to Lady Musgrave Island, but of course when ever you want to do something, the weather does not allow you. After two previous attempts of trying to cross the bar and rounding the headland of Roundhill creek, only to head back into the safety of the anchorage. The third time around, we managed to get through the waves and had a good wind that allowed us to set our course out to Lady Musgrave Island. There we chase some waves and begin to enjoy the beauty of this Great Barrier Reef paradise. 
In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we are challenged with some heavy weather. Buckets of rain, hectic lightning storms and strong winds. This treacherous weather caused Nandji to drag anchor more than once, keeping us on our toes and with weary eyes. Not getting much sleep as we were constantly worried about Nandji. We managed to scrape through some how unscathed and once the weather cleared, we got to do some exploring. Walking through the magical Paperbark forrests on the out skirts of Agnes Water. After all the rain, the trees and foliage were thriving, it was a magical place.
Also the Captain sorted out our toilet issue. Installing a new macerator pump. Not a nice job to do, but now we wont be stuck up the creek without a paddle!
In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we reach a massive milestone for us and adventure out to Fitzroy Reef. Fitzroy Reef makes up part of the Souther Great Barrier Reef. The lagoon oasis is roughly 40 nautical miles from land, in the middle of the ocean. There is a skinny natural entrance into the lagoon, via a tiny channel in the coral. Once inside Fitzroy Reef, the lagoon is calm and protected from the open ocean swell and wind. The depth is shallow enough to anchor and you are protected from the elements. An amazing place that blew us away.
The beauty of this paradise and the time we spent playing in the natural wonderland, left us with smiles ear to ear.

Music Artists: Tia Gostelow

                         The Peeks


                         Quickly, Quickly
​                         https://soundcloud.com/quicklyquickly
In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we explore a bit more, around Great Keppel island. Bonita walks up a massive hill with an amazing view. We have a fire on our own beach, with not another soul in sight. We watch the storm roll in from the distance and hurry back to Nandji for shelter. The wind swings over night and we set our sails and fly down the coast. This is where our sailing became a bit complacent... We Chinese gybe and spin 180 degrees... A little scary but it was exciting stuff! Dolphins ride the bow of Nandji as we sail a fast pace towards 1770.

Music Artists: Luke Morris

​                         Chasing Ghosts


                         Old Man Friday
In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we leave the white sand and palm trees of West bay. Sailing to the other side of Middle Percy island to the more rugged and untouched Whites Bay. Marley got to cut sick and chase around his favourite toys in the world, Coconuts. 
With a good wind one morning, added to the fact we had no food left, we decide to set some sails south and complete our first overnight sail to Yeppoon and Great Keppel islands. The wind gradually
disappeared and the motor had to be turned on. We had some Whale visitors that swam by and really put on a show for us. Launching themselves out of the water only 50m from Nandji. Amazing!!

Music Artists: Miss Max

                         Polar Chills

                         Old Man Friday
In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we arrive to the stunning Percy Isles. Since sailing down the coast, we have been looking forward to this stop off. The Percy group of islands are remote and alone, along way from the nearest main land town. Middle island has a very colourful history that we learnt all about from the current caretakers. The island has four permanent residents and rarely do they go to the mainland. Some of the stories they told were very interesting.
One week before our arrival, a fellow yachtie had done himself a mischief and ran aground on the rocks. Losing everything. His sailing boat wreck is prominent in the distance from the anchorage. We go check it out and see what can happen when things go horribly wrong. 
Lots of sailing boats come and go during our visit. A popular destination with still so much seclusion. We loved this place so much we want to sail back there now!

Music Artists : Jay Hoad
                          Miss Max
In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we continue on our journey south towards the Percy Isles. With so many islands in between, we have lots of stop offs along the way. we were blessed with lots of good sailing weather, so we made the most of it and sailed over 100nm. Stopping off at Brampton Island, then to St Bees Island, then to Scawfell Island, then to Digby Island. Lots of little day sails were done and we managed to squeeze in some diving. When we sailed into Digby Island, there were fish jumping every where so the Captain through out a lure and caught a big Queenfish. We then sail away from Digby Island and set course to the Percy Isles.
Also, we draw some prizes for our lucky patrons!!!

Music Artists used: El Moth
                                  Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/elmothofficial

                                  Wesite - https://www.elmothofficial.bandcamp.com

                                  Miss Max
​In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we prepare Nandji for our grand departure of Airlie Beach. We begin sailing south, island hopping our way along. With some strong winds from the South East, we hid behind Thomas island for a bit and installed our new fridge/freezer. Ah, the luxury! The weather cleared and we could start sailing south again. So we hoisted the sails, and sailed on down the coast. Planning on heading to Goldsmith island, but we kept sailing and stopped at Brampton island instead. We saw whales jumping, Yosh caught our first fish trawling, which turned out to be a shark. Our island hopping adventure has begun and we are loving all the sailing and the new places discovered.

Music artists used: Fugitive and the Vagabond 
                                  Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/fugitiveandthevagabond
                                  Website –https:// www.fugitiveandthevagabond.com

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In this episode of sailing Nandji, we leave the beautiful Gloucester Island and return to Airlie beach. The forecast of Northerly winds encourages us for a quick turn around. We load up Nandji, ready to begin our journey south. We have a time with no wind and get creative to entertain ourselves. We attempt our first night sail and head south to Thomas Island.
In this episode we are waiting for northerly winds to blow us down the coral coast. We are greeted with strong trade winds and decide to take it on and sail up the coast instead! We stop at Maureens cove on Hook island for a night and downwind cruise to Gloucester Island. 
We find an amazing restaurant with a bar called Montes which was perfect after a long day of Sailing. 

We also draw the competition winners from our last video. 
In this episode we invite you to join us on a tour of Nandji. We take you into our home and show you around. We take a helicopter flight around Airlie Beach and its competition time!
Competition time!! We are running a comp for your chance to win you and three friends a Spinnaker watch each! Prize is valued at over one thousand Australian dollars!! Click the link below to check it out!
In this episode, Bonita helps clean up the ocean with Ecobarge. We sail around Whitsunday island stopping off for Lunch at Whitehaven Beach and run into trouble crossing the Whitsunday Passage. We ran over a mooring and though we damaged the prop! We start taking on water as we were sailing across the passage then to discover a fire onboard. This experience was a big learning curve for us and has helped identify the way we solve problems as a team under pressure.  We are still learning the ropes of sailing experiencing things for the first time and sharing this journey with you. 
In this episode, we spend 5 nights anchored out on the Great Barrier Reef. We explored over 10 nautical miles of reef and were granted some of the finest weather one could ask for. We had a day when the ocean didn't break a ripple all day. Mirror like. It was amazing. We spent at least 6 six hours a day in the water either spearfishing, free diving or just generally exploring this magnificent reef.
​In this episode, we set sail across the Whitsunday passage to Hook island to check out some inlets. We hide away from some bad weather in a beautiful little anchorage called Nara inlet. We take the tender out to explore the inlet a little deeper and seek out a waterfall. The weather passes and we set sail out to the Great Barrier Reef. We had some terrible weather followed by some beautiful sunny skys, making for some interesting and boring times on board!  
In this episode we make a make-shift halyard and sail back from the great barrier reef to Airlie beach. We were blessed with some beautiful calm seas and clear skies. Once back on land we fixed our problems and set sail for the spectacular Whitehaven beach and Hills inlet. This is the greatest distance south we have sailed and we are starting to really enjoy the long distance sailing and are becoming more comfortable with blue water sailing. 
In this episode, we set sail on our first adventure out to the Whitsunday islands. We were graced with beautiful weather so over a couple of wines decided that we should head out to sea and check out the great barrier reef. We are so happy we decided to take on this daunting step as we were gifted with the best of mother natures beauty. Of course we had some problems but we are quickly learning how to overcome and conquer unfortunate situations. 
This is our second episode of Sailing Nandji. We have limited sailing experience but believe you can accomplish anything if you are passionate and dedicated to the cause. 
This Episode is about adjusting to this new lifestyle of living on the ocean, preparing Nandji for long journeys and we also managed to reach our first weekend away anchorage in a pretty epic location. 
​This is our first episode of Sailing Nandji. Nandji is our Roberts 40 yacht we bought two months ago in Airlie Beach. We are from South Australia and are learning how to sail. We love to try new things and  adventure.  This episode is about our journey leaving Adelaide, travelling across the country and moving onto our new vessel. We had a few surprises when we arrived but managed to take her out for our first sail. 

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